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This is the starting point to implement, participate, propose to the community and learn this new sound-based communication protocol.

The vision of this project is the creation of a new communication protocol that is already capable of transporting data through ultrasound, with the aim of connecting devices to each other.


¿ What is Beeping ?

Beeping is a new Open Source communication protocol designed to transmit data between devices over ultrasound.


¿ Why ?

Sound is like water, it is everywhere. We can find speakers in most places, and that makes this technology cheap and can be used in cases where communication is difficult today.

In the Use Cases section you can see where we have used the technology, but more importantly, it is the appointing of all of you to increase the possible use cases.


All standard communication protocols, such as bluetooth, HTTP ... and the best known in the world have been created with the conformity and work of the scientific community.

That is the main reason why we have decided to open the source code under an Open Source license. We understand that with the contribution of the scientific community we can reach together to create a consensus that is transformed into a standard protocol of universal communication.



We recommend you visit our official website to stay up to date with all our updates.


Download all the documents of interest related to Beeping:


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Last update: July 8, 2020