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Beeping is made up of several components that have their own function so that everything works correctly.

For now, technology covers two important parts:

  • Data encryption ( encode )

  • Data decryption ( decode )


Encryption of data embedded in an audio files.


The decryption of the data embedded in the audio files through two SDKs:

  • iPhone SDK ( Objective C)

  • Android SDK

Core System

What we call Core System are libraries that are written in C ++ that are responsible for encrypting and decrypting the data that is transported by ultrasound.


In the next versions we want to extend the functions and capabilities of the encryption and decryption technology itself so that other devices can work with this new communication protocol.


Here is the list of public repositories where all these components are located:


In the following pages and sections you have all the technical information, and examples that use each of these components.


Finally, tell you that this same site is Open Source, and is public in our central repository. The idea is that this documentation is also reviewed by the scientific community itself.


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Last update: April 13, 2020