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Being a Beeper means wanting to collaborate on the project.

You can collaborate in several different ways in each of the public components:

  • You can think of an improvement

  • Can you offer an idea

  • You can send information about issues, about bugs ...

  • You can change the source code

  • ... What you can think of to get better


The channels we use for this type of thing are the official Beeping channels but more importantly is where we can build together.


Each of the components that are part of Beeping has an open repository on Github, and as such we are offered a direct channel that is the Issues section of each repository.

For each repository you can create an issue where you must indicate that what is being proposed is an idea, an improvement, a detected error ... or anything else you have in mind.


If Beeping has been designed under an Open Source model, it is to provide the scientific and technological community with a new magical communication protocol, but also to ask for their help in creating and solving the problems that we can find.

Doing all this work together will make this project a standard communication protocol and better day by day.


Ricardo Mesquita

If you didn't exist they should invent you.

Last update: March 13, 2020