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Compile ( MacOs )

The iPhone SDK has a dependency on the Core System which is a library called libBeepingCoreUniversal.a.

This library is compiled in the iPhone SDK component repository in the root folder


This library for now supports the following operating systems: MacOS

To compile this library you must follow the following steps:


  • Make a clone of the repository
$ git clone[YOUR_GIT_USERNAME]/beeping-core
  • Enter the beepbox directory
$ cd beeping-core/iphone
$ sh
  • At this point you have the library libBeepingCoreUniversal.a compiled

Install ( MacOs )

The installation of this library for now must be done manually.

Then we leave you the following steps that you must follow:

$ cp -f libBeepingCoreUniversal.a [IPHONE_SDK_PATH]/

Library Link

By default this library is already linked to the SDK project, which should not be done just open the iPhone SDK to work with the code source.


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Last update: April 13, 2020